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The Power of Protein

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Discover how and why protein plays a vital role in helping your body stay in good health.

Nestle Resource High Protein

What is Protein?

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Protein is made up of smaller building blocks called amino acids. It is an essential nutrient that is key in building and repairing muscle, bone, hair and nails.

But there’s a whole lot more to protein! It helps maintain your body’s immune system, makes enzymes and hormones, transports nutrients and gives you energy. So even when your body is trying to recover from illness, wounds or fractures, protein helps your body repair. It also aids in healthy aging and weight management.

However, protein isn’t stored in your body the way carbohydrates and fats are. It has to be consumed daily for your body to be healthy.

How much Protein does your body need?[5]
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How do I make sure I get enough Protein?

Nestle Resource High Protein

A variety of foods provide protein to your body. Protein can be found in animal sources like chicken, pork, beef, fish and eggs or dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese. Soy, whole grains, nuts and legumes are also some plant sources of protein.

Usually, because they contain all the essential amino acids, animal sources are considered as sources of high-quality or complete proteins. While soy and quinoa are two exceptions, plant sources often lack certain amino acids.

Regardless of your source of choice, protein also helps you fuel-up, even when you’re counting calories. A gram of fat provides 9 calories, whereas each gram of protein provides just 4 calories. Experts have stated that between 10-35% of your total calories should come from protein.